Counselling Psychology

The ASSOCIATION OF COUNSELLING PSYCHOLOGISTS IN NIGERIA is a division of the NPA and was formally established on the 7th of December, 2017.  We have a humanistic approach to solving problems. Counselling psychologists in Nigeria are professionals whose outlook on psychological services generate from their respect for the personal and subjective experience of the clients, awareness of the potential for self-actualization in every person, and the need to help prevent and or reduce psychological difficulties and or their harmful impacts on individuals, groups or the society at large. We aim to help people and groups become fully functioning, achieve sustainable development, improve or restore well-being, prevent psychopathology, and advocate for social justice.


SETTINGS: At present Counselling Psychologists in Nigeria Work for;  Educational Institutions, Faith-based institutions, Hospitals, Industries, Internally Displaced Persons Camps, Government Parastatals and Organizations (government and non-governmental).


SERVICES: Counselling psychologists in Nigeria are involved in Addiction counselling, Career counselling, HIV/AIDS counselling, Marriage/family counselling, Mental Health Counselling, Palliative care counselling, Pastoral counselling, Psychological assessment, Rehabilitation counselling, Relationship counselling,  Research, School counselling,  Social advocacy and empowerment and Youth counselling.


Chairman: Dr. Ann U. Madukwe

Vice Chairman : Prof. Obikeze Nnamdi

General Secretary : Mrs Onyedire G. Nneoma

Assistant Secretary : Mrs Agwulonu I. Perpetual

Financial Secretary : Mrs Rita U. Agonobi

Treasurer : Mrs Chukwudi V. Chineme

Publicity Secretary : Mr Ewulonu C. John

Welfare officer : Miss Mbagwu I. Miracle

What We Do

  1. • Compile a register of psychologists accredited to practice in Nigeria
  3. • Advocate for a legal framework to favor the practice of psychology in Nigeria
  5. • Encourage the practice of psychology in applied settings
  7. • Public enlightenment and behavior change communication for national development
  9. • Advocate on subjects that are relevant for positive orientation for positive change and human development
  • • Collaboration with appropriate regulatory organizations to develop curricula in psychology that meet national development needs
  • • Promotion of a mentorship scheme to build capacity of junior colleagues in research and practice
  • • Ensure strict adherence to the code of ethics of the discipline of psychology
  • • Develop partnership(s) with other disciplines and organizations to improve humanity and career status of members
  • • Assist leaders and public service holders with relevant evidence based information on human behavior to guide policy formulation and implementation
  • • Encourage the development of the technology for psychological assessment and testing
  • • Promote an Africa-wide network for the promotion of the science and practice of psychology
  • • Prescribe quality control standards for psychology education and practice in Nigeria