The Nigerian Psychological Association provides a protocol for psychological response to the Covid-19 pandemic. This document is aimed at giving a general framework and providing guidelines towards halting the transmission of the virus, effective management and evidence-based behavioural response. The document should be used to guide professional practice on the psychological and mental health management of the pandemic, and to serve as working document for engagement with government and relevant stakeholders for collaboration and policy formulation that is suitable and effective for Nigeria.


  1. Section I:        Introduction
  2. Section II:       Role of Psychologists
  3. Section III:      Psychological Response Measures
  4. Section IV:      How to engage the government
  5. Section V:       NPA Fact sheet on Covid-19

What We Do

  1. • Compile a register of psychologists accredited to practice in Nigeria
  3. • Advocate for a legal framework to favor the practice of psychology in Nigeria
  5. • Encourage the practice of psychology in applied settings
  7. • Public enlightenment and behavior change communication for national development
  9. • Advocate on subjects that are relevant for positive orientation for positive change and human development
  • • Collaboration with appropriate regulatory organizations to develop curricula in psychology that meet national development needs
  • • Promotion of a mentorship scheme to build capacity of junior colleagues in research and practice
  • • Ensure strict adherence to the code of ethics of the discipline of psychology
  • • Develop partnership(s) with other disciplines and organizations to improve humanity and career status of members
  • • Assist leaders and public service holders with relevant evidence based information on human behavior to guide policy formulation and implementation
  • • Encourage the development of the technology for psychological assessment and testing
  • • Promote an Africa-wide network for the promotion of the science and practice of psychology
  • • Prescribe quality control standards for psychology education and practice in Nigeria